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Reference Documents

Reference Documents

The Society for High Street has been able to obtain these documents as a part of the Freedom of Information Act. The list below explains what each document contains in some detail:
High Street at the Corner of Bromfield
High Street at the Head of Bromfield looking West. Circa 1905. Picture courtesy of The Historical Society of Old Newbury, at the Cushing House Museum, 98 High St., Newburyport, MA.
  1. High Street's Master Plan - Planning documents and bike lane FAQs. 2004 
  2. Scenic Byway Press Release - From the Essex National Heritage Commision. 2004 
  3. MHD Agreement with Lavender Administration - June 2003. 
  4. High Street Project - High Street Advisory Committee. Notes under Mayor Lavender. March 2002. 
  5. High Street Project - Explanation to Al Lavender of Agreement with MassHighway on High Street Project. December 2001. 
  6. High Street Advisory Committee - Notes under Mayor Mead. September 2001. 
  7. Comments on the Master Plan - Comments on The Newburyport Master Plan by Pauline Chase-Harrell August 15 2001. 
  8. 03/2001 Planning Office Report - The draft from the Newburyport Planning Office regarding feedback from the March 1 public meeting. March 2001. 
  9. MassHighway to Mayor Mead - Letter from MassHighway to Mayor Mead regarding the return of three sets of the original plans. January 2001. 
  10. Mayor Mead to MassHighway - The letter reopening negotiations with MassHighway. March 2000. 
  11. MassHighway PR - Press Release concerning the "pave only" compromise. October 1999. 
  12. MassHighway Memo - Concerning the "pave only" compromise. October 1999. 
  13. Mayor Carrier Letter - From MassHighway concerning the number of trees to be removed. September 1999. 
  14. Tree Inventory - A complete inventory of tree removal under the original MassHighway plans. June 1999. 
  15. The Original MassHighway Plans - These copies detail changes to be made (such as narrowing, widening etc.) on each section of the street. February 1998 
  16. The Original Grant - Written in 1995 asking for money to fix High Street. 
We will continue to provide documents such as these as they become available. Check back often for future updates.
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