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Essex National Heritage Commission - Historic Byway Press Release

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Historic High Street part of a state Scenic Byway
In the Fall of 2003, High Street became part of a state Scenic Byway. Many workshops were held in Newburyport to help High Street become part of the Scenic Byway.
Press Release from the Essex National Heritage Commission
Essex National Heritage Area Scenic Byway Designated
The Essex National Heritage Area received more good news this past fall when Governor Mitt Romney signed legislation designating portions of state Routes 133 and 1A between Gloucester and Newburyport a state scenic byway. From a beginning point on Gloucester's waterfront, the 24 mile-long Essex National Heritage Area Scenic Byway passes though the towns of Essex, Ipswich, Rowley, and Newbury, terminating midway through Newburyport.
The designation, only the sixth in the state, was sought by the ENHC following the endorsement of residents and elected officials in the six corridor communities. The designation is a critical step in the quest to access federal highway funds to protect the roadway's scenic qualities, improve its safety features, promote economic opportunities, and develop a balanced tourism program - as determined by each byway community.
Legislation to establish the scenic byway was introduced by Senator Bruce Tarr of Gloucester and co-sponsored by Senator Steven Baddour and Representatives Michael Costello, Bradford Hill, Anthony Verga, and Harriet Stanley. We thank them for their support of this important initiative.
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